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TEL: 630-629-3320

FAX: 630-629-3324

P.O. Box 2579, Glen Ellyn, IL 60138





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Bank Reference
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Please Provide Three References
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Years in business _______ Type of business ___________________ (corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship)
Our terms are 1% 15 Days, Net 30. WILL YOU PAY WITHIN TERMS?_________
Will you play later than 30 days? ________________ If so, how many days? __________
Please MAIL or FAX completed form. If you have any questions please call us.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We will advise once this application is accepted.
SIGNATURE __________________________ PRINT NAME ________________________

For Illinois and Iowa Customers only:

Will product purchased be taxable or tax exempt? ______________
If tax exempt, provide your state resale or ID number ____________________  
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